Products and Services : Total Solution
We specialize in providing not only proprietary functional ingredients but also formulation and contract manufacturing. Our total solution service for customized Probiogenics project will streamline and enhance the development and sales of your products. Most importantly, we help you to make your products different.
Professional Integration
We integrate R&D, marketing, and manufacturing globally. Combined with our marketing and technology services, we will help our customers to unlock new markets for their products.
Diverse Services
We offer completely customized services for each client, giving your consumers real value for their products.
Proprietary Ingredients
Probiotics:BGN4, BORI, HU58, SB-55, SPOROS and others.
Prebiotics:Lactosucrose, omniOligo, noniSOD, BraziZyme and others.
Biogenics:L-137, nano-EC, EC-12, BR-108 and others.
Product Development
Our professional team has extensive experience in product development and provides diverse product services.
We can help create potential new products and accelerate the speed of bringing your new products to market.
Deliver Unique Products
We are committed to helping you deliver unique products, develop and expand into new markets, inspire breakthrough innovations, and enhance your sales performance.

The value of "Probiogenics" product is built upon having extensive scientific researches and supporting literatures, sufficient safety data, and reliable quality assurance.
Probiogenics = Probiotics + Prebiotics + Biogenics:A new system, faster and better! │Intestinal Health│Immune enhancement│Anti-allergy│
New system for healthIntestinal, Immune,
New system for beautyWhitening, Elasticizing,
Anti-Aging, Moisturizing
New system for jointRelieve Joint Pain,
Reduce Inflammation,
Increase Mobility
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