Biogenic Products, one of a kind!
Heat-treated and Concentrated Probiotics
Biogenics are derived from probiotics, include bacteria cell wall, metabolites and its active ingredients. By advanced heat treament technology, we made Biogenics much more stable and effective than original Probiotics.
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Biogenic Ingredients
Lactobacillus plantarum
Patent:Japan, USA and Europe
Different from general live probiotics, patented L-137® is a heat-treated strain of Lactobacillus plantarum L-137, it produces a much higher content of lipoteichoic acid ( LTA ) and has stronger immunostimulating activity compared to other common lactic acid bacteria. Recent studies have shown that L-137® has remarkable effects on suppression of allergies, protection against influenza virus infection and even anti-cancer. In addition, our advanced heat treatment technology significantly increases and stabilizes immunostimulating activity of L-137®.
Enterococcus faecalis
nanoEC® is the upgraded product of EC-12 with smaller particle size and better water dispersibility through patented nanonizatione and anti-aggregate technology. nano-EC®has excellent IFN-α production capacity that can effectively inducing Th1 immune response, three times of old product.
Rice Kefiran
Rice Kefiran®
L. kefir Ferment

Rice Kefiran® is a new functional biogenic food ingredient inspired by Kefir - a traditional health food of the Caucasus region. Made from fermented rice, a vegetable source, with a unique strain L. kefiranofaciens discovered by Prof. Tomotari Mitsuoka, Rice Kefiran is an innovative and breakthrough Kefiran rich product.
L. delbrueckii Ferment

Gastro-AD® is a natural food supplement, produced from the fermentation of soy by a specific strain of Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. lactis (Rosell-187). The gentle processing conditions used preserve Gastro-AD® biologically active metabolites (Biogenics). This product is recommended for the relief of heartburn and gastric discomfort.
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