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Probiogenics recently became the most popular concept of gastro - intestinal tract health in Japan. In addition to the familiar Probiotics and Prebiotics, the new idea of Biogenics has also become mainstream. All three components have been combined to form the Probiogenics® system.This innovative system achieves more direct, significantly enhanced, and even faster performance in improving the intestinal / immune system.
Biogenics is a group of substances first proposed by Dr. Mitsuoka Tomotari of Japan, a leading specialist in the research of intestinal microflora.“Biogenics are biologically active substances derived from the products of probiotics that benefit human health”, and they are mainly composed of probiotic bacteria cell and metabolites. Biogenics include not only organic acids, but also unique components found in cell walls like peptides, polysaccharides, DNA, and fatty acids. Biogenics can change the ecology of intestinal microflora, more importantly, they can quickly take action to improve the intestinal / immune system due to their small molecular size.
Active substances
Smaller molecular
Biogenic L-137 is better than living probiotic L-137
The Effects of Probiotics are the Function of Biogenics
Until now, most of the health effects of lactic acid bacteria contained in yogurt etc, are thought the function of viable lactic acid bacteria which reach the intestine and proliferate there, aren’t they? However, in fact, lactic acid bacteria, when taken by mouth, are neither able to proliferate nor to colonize easily in the intestine. Then, it is not possible to explain the effectiveness of probiotics only with the effects of viable lactic acid bacteria. Here, as the effects of probiotics, the effects due to bacterial cellular components, that is biogenics, should be taken into consideration.

The action of biogenics greatly differs from that of probiotics and prebiotics; the latter indirectly act on living body by changing the intestinal flora, and former, on the other hand, does not only change the intestinal flora, but also directly act on a living body by enhancing health. Cellular components of lactic acid bacteria in probiotics and biogenics stimulate intestinal immune system, irrespective of viable or dead of bacteria, resulting in produce antibody against the intestinal harmful bacteria and in increase the number of bifidobacteria in the intestine and improve the intestinal flora at the same time. In this case, the greater number of lactic acid bacteria ingested, the greater health effects are brought into play in bio-regulation, bio-defense, etc.. In addition, prebiotics such as oligosaccharides promote the proliferation of bifidobacteria, as already stated.

The most important function of lactic fermentation products is immuno-stimulation. That is, probiotics, biogenics and prebiotics improve the balance of the intestinal flora by enhancing the growth of bifidobacteria and/or inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria, resulting in immuno-stimulation. Biogenics, above all, are far favored for health effect, because the number of bacteria 1000 times or more than that of probiotics.
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