Probiogenics is a new and better system for intestinal / immune health, its real value is built upon vast amount of scientific evidences.Learn more
Probiotics! Not good enough ?
>>> Probiotics + Prebiotics!! Still not good enough??
>>>>> Probiotics + Prebiotics + Biogenics!!! Instant,
Multiple and Amplified effects !
It's a new system and better
- Probiogenics® -

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What is Biogenics?
The term "Biogenics" was chosen for acknowledging its difference from Probiotics and Prebiotics. While Probiotics employ live bacteria cultures and Prebiotics use non-digestible foods such as fiber to stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system, Biogenics uses bacteria cell wall, metabolites and its active ingredients to do the work of both.

In addition, Biogenics can generate synergy effect with Probiotics and Prebiotics to form a new, better and faster system- Probiogenics ! By advanced heat treament technology, we made Biogenics much more stable and effecitve than original Probiotics.
Probiogenics = Probiotics + Prebiotics + Biogenics:A new system, faster and better! │Intestinal Health│Immune enhancement│Anti-allergy│
New system for Immune HealthIntestinal/Immune Health,
New system for beauty from withinWhitening, Elasticizing,
Anti-Aging, Moisturizing
New system for jointcareRelieve Joint Pain,
Reduce Inflammation,
Increase Mobility
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